While SWANN'S WAY (1991) is Donald's official autobiography, his other two volumes of prose (SPACE BETWEEN THE BARS and SWANN'S WAY OUT) share with us much detail about the life and thoughts of this extraordinary man. All three books are now unfortunately out of print.


Swann's autobiographical reflections and testament of faith. "I've often wondered what Donald Swann thinks about when we're on stage together. Here it all is. The book reminds me of the Confessions of Saint Augustine. But not much." Michael Flanders (dust jacket frontispiece).
Hardback: Hodder and Stoughton. 9th Sept 1968.

UK Hardback: Hodder and Stoughton. 9th Sept 1968.
US Hardback: Simon & Schuster 1968
UK Paperback: Hodder & Stoughton 1972 (republished to link with BETWEEN THE BARS run at the Shaw Theatre).


SWANN'S WAY OUT – A Posthumous Adventure (1975)

Personal exploration and theological divertissement. "Once I saw myself dead, a torrent of ideas came into my mind exactly as when I start a new musical composition, and those ideas carried me through all sorts of after-death states and locations where I meet after-death people." Donald Swann (dust jacket frontispiece).
Hardback: Weidenfeld & Nicolson 3rd April 1975.


The definitive autobiography (as told to Lyn Smith).
1st edition (Hardback). Heinemann 1991.
2nd edition (Paperback) with an extra chapter (CODA). Arthur James 1993.
3rd edition (Paperback) with revised index and postscript by Leon Berger & Alison Swann Smith. Thames Publishing 1997.


A quirky coffee-table book. 26 pensées arranged alphabetically, eccentrically illustrated by Natasha Swann. Publisher: Albert House 1983. A few Archive copies are available. Contact Leon Berger.


Dozens of music and showbiz books mention Donald (and Michael). Below are just a few key texts:

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