Donald Swann – The Isles of Greece CD

Orchestra: Jennifer Stinton (Flute/Piccolo), David Roach (Oboe/Soprano Saxaphone), Bernard Lafontaine (Clarinet), Philip Gibbon (Bassoon), Mark Smith, Kevin Pritchard (Horns), Paul Cameron, Nicholas Ormrod (Percussion), Kelvin Thomson (Piano), Sophie Cartledge (Harp), Tim Amherst (Bass). THE BLOOMFIELD QUARTET Anna Hemery, Anne Wood (Violins), Paul Martin (Viola), Nicholas Cooper (Cello).

1. Casos Sonnet I "Far, far off in a distant southern sea"
2. Samiotissa
3. Miranda
4. Pes Mou ti
5. Casos Sonnet II "I've always feared the night before dawn"
6. The Women of Souli
7. Casiot Journey – Orchestral
8. The Favours
9. Casos Sonnet III "With only a red night light for my pen"
10. Anatoli
11. Nanourisma
12. Casos Sonnet IV "When shall I land on you, distant island"
13. Militsa
14. Nikotsaras
15. Casos Sonnet V "Casos, today I'm writing you a letter"
16. The Shepherdess
17. Idle Tears
18. Casos Sonnet VI "So far you're licking me, Casos, for real"
19. The Isles of Greece
20. Casos Sonnet VII "Everywhere is Casos"
21-28. Casos Sonnets I-VIII – performed by Donald Swann